Staff Monkeys

A Stockbrokers journey

Through the Global war on Terror







Staff Monkeys kept me chuckling at myself and all those that take themselves so seriously.    What we do is serious business, but it has a humorous side.  It took me down a hilariously accurate trip on Memory Lane and paid tribute to the grease that keeps the military machine sliding along.  Peter Clark cleverly unlocks and exposes the secret weapon of the U.S. military: the indispensable Staff Monkey.

 Now, get back in the cage!

 COL Alan Walker, USA (Ret.)

In 2005, Peter Clark had been out the Army for 8 years and was making a good living working as a stockbroker.  Clark kept his former co-workers at Smith-Barney posted with a constant stream of witty emails describing the human side of his adventures.  Whether it's a roommate with an obsession to kill a rat that had moved into an attic, high maintenance General Officers or corrupt minor officials no one is safe from Peter's sense of humor. 

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