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Staff Monkeys

A Stockbrokers journey

Through the Global war on Terror







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 Monkeys Humanizes Our Military.  Laugh Out Loud Funny

~Bonnie Bartel Latino
Co-author with Bob Vale, "Your Gift to Me"
Amazon's current #1 Top Rated War Fiction

I laughed so hard on the Elliptical at the gym and later, on a Delta flight, that I thought someone might make a citizen's arrest. As an Air Force wife of 30 years, I know that our military is mostly composed of really fine individuals who love our country above self. I also know that sometimes they NEED a sense of humor to endure some of the situations into which they are thrown because of their jobs--and because of the nature of their jobs.

Lieutenant Colonel Pete Clark has humanized the military in a way that hasn't often, if ever, been done in contemporary times. I also love his sense of irony. For instance, "I'm sitting here, with a bunch of American soldiers, drinking a German beer, in a former French colony, on a former Foreign Legion base, while we listen to a band from Uganda play their rendition of La Bamba. . . Talk about your multiculturalism."

One of the funniest things in the book, the author never pointed out, which only made it smarter and funnier, was his sudden renaming of the journal of his days in Djibouti, Djibouti D-Journal. I laugh just thinking about how clever THAT was!

As someone from the Deep South who knows I can't go north or east by air without going through Atlanta, I screamed at the author's comparing Addis to in, "You can't get there from here, without going through . . . I don't think I'll fly via Atlanta again without thinking of it as Addis and smiling to myself.

Of course, there was the fried chicken reporting that might set PETA on fire (no pun intended), but let's remember the author was reporting a custom, not inventing a foul way to fry up some fowl.

Above the humor, this book provides insight into what is going on in the world's hot spots, particularly Iraq and Afghanistan.

Calling for readers of the book to write down the stories of their parents' and grandparents' generation who served in the military, was a perfect ending. I had the pleasure of hearing Lt. Col. Clark speak briefly at the Military Writers Society of American's 2012 annual banquet. He mentioned that we've already lost untold numbers of stories from World War I, and every day we are losing World War II stories. Those stories are dying on a daily basis with those who served. He eloquently called upon the writers present to record the human stories from America's more recent wars before those stories also die.

I hardly know Lt. Col. Pete Clark, but as a military author, an Air Force wife, and as a former freelance columnist for Stars and Stripes/Europe, I salute him and his magnificent book. "Staff Monkeys" gave this reader hours and hours of sheer delight and thought-provoking insight.

~Bonnie Bartel Latino
Co-author with Bob Vale, "Your Gift to Me"
Amazon's current #1 Top Rated War Fiction